Monday, August 22, 2016

Instant Payout:


Merrybet Instant Payout is a solution  designed by merrybet for their cherished customers so that they can  transfer their winnings to their bank accounts within minutes ”

Before you can have access to minute withdraws.

Please note that the transfer method is only available between
08:00 and 21:00!

How to apply for instant payout from your phone/pc

1. Login to your Merrybet account or signup here if you don't have online account to start playing with your phone

2. Find setting and click on it or click this link for PC users
Then for mobile users especially merrybet  old mobile you can fine instant payout button vertical left of your browser .
Alternatively click here

3. Click on ” Manage pin code “

4. Set up your securing question and answer ”
you will be asked to do this twice “

5. You can select payout page fill in required
verification and payout amount.

Merrybet says ” you will get you payout within

Meanwhile ,merrybet  Instant Payout limit increase .Read message from Merrybet below:

"Dear Merrybettors, In response to requests by our esteemed punters, we have increased the Instant Payout daily limit from N20,000 to N30,000. There is a 1% fee for transactions above N10,000. Regards. "

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