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20 best phones 2015/2016: The best smartphones you can buy from NIGERIA- Best Android phones, best iPhones, best Windows Phones, best mobile phones

Best Smartphones from of 2015/2016: best phones reviews20. Motorola Moto X ForceRating: Reviewed on: 18 November 15RRP: £499 inc VAT (32GB); £534 inc VAT (64GB)There’s a clear reason to buy the Moto X Force: the shatter-proof screen. Whether you’re accident prone, or simply need a phone that’s not going to break on you at a critical moment, the X Force should be a compelling choice. It’s a great phone in its own right, too. Powerful and with a top-quality screen and decent (if imperfect) cameras, you can’t ask for much more at this price. Except, perhaps, a fingerprint scanner and use of the second SIM slot for those that want it. Battery life is good, if not quite as long as Motorola claims, and it charges speedily with the included adaptor. Ultimately, the Moto X Force is a little on the expensive side for what you get, but the unique mix of additions to Android and the tough screen will make it worth it for some people. Read our Motorola Moto X Force review.19. Honor 6 Pl…